Meet the guy behind Tiago Fernandes Developer on the rise I'm a developer based in Denmark focused on learning the future of applications and technology. Bringing solutions to day-to-day life problems is what made us get here. Why stop now?
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About me
Hello! I'm Tiago, a developer based in Denmark. Making day-to-day activities easier and bringing solutions for those problems is what I (at least try) to do. Started my studies in Portugal where I took the first's baby steps in development. Straight after that I moved to Denmark pursuing a career in development. Now, I'm spending my time learning and acquiring experience by bringing some of my best projects ideas to life. Hopefully I can share with you anytime soon!
Some of the technolgies which I work with:
Pointer HTML & CSS
Pointer Javascript
Pointer PHP
Pointer Node.js
Pointer Wordpress
June 2020 til present Wordpress Developer at Weltklasse + pr Denmark
Integrated the company team to design and implement attractive and user-friendly websites for clients. Responsible for back-end and front-end development including implementation of WordPress themes and plugins. HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP and design software was some of the programming languages and technologies used to create and develop the projects.
June 2018 til June 2019 Full Stack Developer at Lim9 Digital Agency Portugal
Joined a team of developers to create an innovative prototype platform based on virtual and augmented reality Try to take the most advantage of what these technologies have to offer for the marketing and advertising industry. Worked with Unity, Node.js, MongoDB, Linux servers and AWS Lambda.
Bringing solutions to day-to-day problems Trying to run against the time to bring some of my best ideas to life. I'm excited to be able to share all the hard work with you and in the mean time stay tuned on LinkedIn and give a look at my repositories on GitHub and get first hand access of what is coming next!